Czech Green party priorities for municipal elections 2018

These are our main topics for the upcoming elections:

Fair city for everyone

We want to live in a modern city with a fair approach toward everyone, city that doesn’t favor one mode of transport and is safe for pedestrians and cyclists as well. City that respects the needs of its residents who can easily park in the vicinity of their home, as well as of commuters by providing them with plenty of parking facilites (Park+Ride) with good public transport connections. City with a calm traffic situation, without serious accidents that is not overcrowded with cars and plagued with traffic jams.

Pleasant also in summer

We want to live in a city with a pleasant climate and not to be forced to run away from dangerous extreme heat. City where one can spend a beautiful summer with walks or in cafés on green and accessible river banks, in the shade of greenery that cools, holds and evaporates water and captures pollution. City where rainwater doesn’t flow into the drain unused but helps to irrigate lawns and other greenery suffering from increasingly severe draught.

A wide range of educational programmes for all

We want open and innovative education that meets the needs of contemporary society, available to all inhabitants. Parents should have the opportunity to choose for their children from a variety of public schools and classes with different alternative educational programmes, whether Waldorf, Dalton, Montessori or other types of modern approaches.

Rental flats for every generation

We want to live in a city that provides affordable, high-quality and energy-efficient housing for all generations, from young to senior citizens. A city that has transparent housing allocation rules, takes care of its housing capacities and involves the tenants who care about how the housing and its surrounding looks like to the decisions regarding reconstructions.

Safe cycling routes

We want to live in a city where cycling is a full and secure way of traveling to work, school, shopping and leisure. A city where there are enough high-quality and interconnected cycling routes where one doesn’t have to be afraid of an accident.

Real security solutions

We want to live in a city where everyone can feel safe and comfortable, a city that says clear NO to gambling on its own territory and that can constructively cope with homelessness by providing vulnerable residents with housing.

Recycling is a breeze

We want a city in which sorting waste is as simple as throwing it into a dustbin. A city that promotes both domestic and community composting and allows its citizens to sort waste including the biodegradable one, preferably directly in their own homes into colored bins.

How citizens of EU could vote in Czech municipal elections?